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Birzon, Strang, and Associates, , Smithtown, LI Accident Lawyers Specializing in demolition Accidents that result in injuries to demolition workers and others nearby, causing them to sustained serious personal injuries and unfortunately even death.

The personal injury demolition accident attorneys at Birzon, Strang & Associates, have decades of experience in handling of on-the-job personal injury claims, as well as, workers compensation accident claims, relating to demolition accidents. These accidents can happen to demolition workers who are conducting demolition work which often involves such things as knocking down and removing buildings and other large structures, bridges, factories, warehouses, personal residences, industrial plants, removal of industrial tanks, and excavation of land to clear and prepare construction areas to remodel or construct new buildings, construct or rebuild roadways and overpasses, and other construction projects.

Construction demolition often requires the use of demolition tools and explosives which is not utilized correctly could cause shrapnel, projectiles, fires, airborne toxins, shaking of buildings and structures, causing those on scaffolds, ladders, and other temporary platforms to fall, as well as loosening of building materials, debris, and workers tools, which also can be close to fall causing a danger to other workers, and the general public, in the areas that they are working.
The reasons for most of these demolition accidents are due to a failure to comply with established safety measures, defective equipment, improper use of equipment and other work site neglect by foremen and others in charge.

Our Suffolk County, LI law firm is proud to have served seriously injured Long Island demolition workers, by bringing demolition accident cases on their behalf. Demolition worker related injury and wrongful death claims have resulted in Billions of Dollars worth of verdicts and settlements, over the years throughout Long Island. As demolition accident attorneys at Birzon, Strang, and Associates, we will help you get the compensation that you deserve

As you look around Long Island, one can often see the demolition of office buildings, shopping centers, schools, places of worship, residential buildings, medical centers, hospitals, schools, marine structures, transit centers and infrastructure projects, and other places. Construction site demolition, often involves the use of highly lethal explosives, scaffolds, ladders, Demolitions, jackhammers, heavy equipment, and of course safety equipment, each which, if not utilized correctly, can provide many opportunities for demolition and other construction workers to get hurt, while working, causing serious personal injuries, and unfortunately death.

The NY and Long Island demolition industry requires contractors and workers to acquire licenses, permits, and safety training, and to adhere to certain safety rules and regulations on the demolition job site which is designed to protect the public and workers at war near the demolition construction zone from being hurt while performing demolition work, which safety laws, if not properly followed, often result in worker or pedestrian physical injury, including catastrophic brain, neck, and spinal cord injuries, and unfortunately, even death.

Common Causes of Demolition Area Accidents

Improperly Timed Explosive Fuses
Crane Accident Falls
Explosion Induced Scaffold, Ladder, and Temporary Platform, Collapses or Falls
Demolition and Heavy Equipment Failure
Demolition and Heavy Equipment Violations
Defective Demolition Equipment
Defective Demolition Tools and Shoring Equipment
Falling Objects Caused by the Explosion
Exposure to Toxic Chemicals and Substances
Failure to Properly Use Demolition Safety Equipment
Lack of Overhead Protection at the Demolition Worksite
Crane Wrecks
Falls from High Places Due To Explosions
Demolition job site safety violations
Falls from Scaffolds, Ladders, and Temporary Platforms, Due To Excavation Explosion

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Free construction demolition accident personal injury consultations. We work on your injury case on a contingent fee basis, which means that you will only pay legal fees if we win your demolition accident case. Please give us a call today so that we could help you.
Our demolition accident lawyers are always available to give you updates and answer any questions that arise, regarding your accident case and services being done on your behalf by our Long Island, NY personal injury law firm.
Our dedicated and successful construction demolition accident lawyers specialize in all types of accident cases, resulting in serious injuries, whether or not the accident was work related.
Our lawyers work as a team and we work hard to finish your personal injury matter in a high quality expeditious manner to get you the financial compensation and other help that you are entitled to.
As you consider a Suffolk and Nassau Counties, LI, NYC, construction accident law firm, our very experienced attorneys would like to give you a free consultation to discuss the issues involved in your construction demolition accident case and how to best go about getting you the money you deserve for your serious physical injuries, or, unfortunately, wrongful death of a loved one.

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Birzon, Strang, & Assocates, is a very experienced & successful L.I., Personal Injury Construction Accident Law Firm
We have won over Fifty (50) Million Dollars in verdicts and settlements throughout Suffolk, Nassau, and NYC
We have been practicing personal injury law in Smithtown, LI, NY, for almost 30 years and we treat our clients like family and our accident cases, as if they were our own
Hiring an award wining top rated law firm like Birzon, Strang and Associates, you can rest assured that you are in the good hands of people that care
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If you have been seriously injured in an accident of any type in Suffolk County, and throughout Long Island and NYC, it is important that you contact a top rated Personal Injury Law Firm such as Birzon, Strang, & Associates, as the time to file a claim may be limited due to statutory requirements.

At our Suffolk and Nassau County Demolition Accident Law Firm, we make bringing a personal injury case on your behalf, very easy.

• First you tell us what happened, and tell us what your concerns, about your Construction demolition accident or other type of  demolition construction accident that occurred on Long Island or throughout NYC.
• We then gather police reports, OSHA safety records, and other information when available, and further investigate your case and find witnesses to build a strong accident case based on extensive experience and proven strategies, supported by our investigators and expert opinions, as is necessary.
• Our construction accident injury attorneys will fight for every penny that you are entitled to for your serious injuries that resulted from the demolition accident causing you serious physical injury.
• As we go through every step of the construction accident or demolition accident claims process, you can count on us to treat you with respect and compassion, while keeping you updated on your personal injury matter as it progresses through the legal system, resulting in a settlement or trial.
• Our initial consultation is absolutely free and you will not pay a penny, unless we win your construction accident case.

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When you, a family member, or someone that you care about has been seriously injured in a construction demolition accident, due to the negligence of a co-worker or another, you want justice to be served, by getting you the financial compensation that you deserve, so you can heal as much as possible from your serious personal injuries — while we also work to ensure financial security for you and your family, both now and in the future. We have Won over 50 Million Dollars for Seriously Injured Long Island Personal Injury Construction Accident Victims. At Birzon Strang and Associates, LLC, Since 1991, we have served construction accident victims in Smithtown, Suffolk and Nassau Counties, LI and throughout New York City. Our highly rated award winning construction accident law firm has helped secure some large settlements throughout NY, helping us to establish a history of success in representing our clients. It is our pledge and commitment to you that we will fight hard for you and get you the compensation that you deserve, whether through obtaining a personal injury construction accident settlement or getting you your workers compensation benefits, or both.

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At Birzon Strang and Associates, LLP, we give our clients one hundred (100%) percent of our attention, consideration, resources, and effort, throughout your case, which is how we plan on getting you all of the compensation from your construction demolition related accident that you deserve, from whatever source, when you have been injured as the result of someone else’s careless behavior and negligence. Don’t lose your opportunity to bring a personal injury accident claim due to your failure to timely act, by scheduling a free accident consultation with one of our construction accident injury attorneys, by contacting us online or by calling us at (631) 265-6300. We have offices in Smithtown, LI, and Lexington Ave., in Manhattan, NY. We also arrange Home or hospital visits when necessary. Take advantage of our “No Fee Guarantee”. All of our injury cases are taken on a contingency basis— so if we don’t win, you don’t pay a dime! That’s our guarantee to you!